Since 1986, the association of Friends of the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle has brought together those who want to protect maritime heritage. It acts in particular by helping and supporting the action of the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle.

The Friends work to bring closer together the associations which defend the riches of maritime heritage by organizing joint actions. Its activities contribute to preserving and promoting “maritime memory”, particularly La Rochelle. This association constitutes a real place for exchanges and meetings and organizes visits and conferences throughout the year, “maritime memory” workshops including a dynamic sea shanties choir, light sailing boat restoration workshops. , day trips to Damien. Finally, the Friends of the La Rochelle Maritime Museum are at the heart of the initiative to restore the sailboat Damien which sailed around the world departing from La Rochelle and returning to its starting point 5 years later… and 55,000 miles later.

The Association also offers a maritime library to its members who benefit from free visits to the museum. Since 2011 the association has been declared of general interest.


Protection and promotion of maritime heritage in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle.

Many agree that cultural heritage is doomed if it is not supported by the tenacious will of a community to safeguard it as a witness to a history that creates an identity, but also to bring it back to life. .

This is the uninterrupted mission of the association which works to restore, highlight and revive the maritime heritage of La Rochelle and the Pertuis, run workshops and organize demonstrations, meetings, events relating to maritime memory for its members and all audiences, transmit knowledge, uses and practices, particularly in partnership with training establishments, businesses and other institutions.


Develop a vibrant maritime hub with its fleet of ships, naval restoration workshops, navigable sailboats, exhibitions and specialized documentation.

Often, the idea of ​​heritage refers to a conservative image. However, it is not. Here, we restore boats to make them sail, we invent new sea shanties… in an association where maritime memory is in action.

Members: our wealth

The association is first and foremost made for the members. Our activities are designed by them, for them.

However, the association is aimed at all audiences, whether members or visitors, young or old, experts or neophytes, in training, active people, unemployed, retired, etc.

A great conviviality animates the life of the association. And we benefit from a passion for transmission between our expert members and the neophytes who join us.